Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have A Laptop!

A buddy of mine gave me one of his old laptops. It's not the best, seeing as how it's about 8 years old, but he put Windows 7 Home Premium on it. It's actually not running as bad as I thought it would, although, the battery life is pretty pathetic. At most, it can last about an hour. But it's my first laptop, so I'm not going to complain.

Yesterday wasn't that bad of a day. I had a Spanish quiz that didn't seem very hard. Today, we started doing a project in Spanish where we have to write a story. Psychology is still good, as usual. We have a project where we have to do a psychoanalysis on someone, real or fictional. Any suggestions?


  1. congrats on the laptop lol, i remember my 1st one... i was so excited.

  2. being that old it would run faster if you load windows xp.

  3. Nice, a laptop is always handy, hope you do great things with it