Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sorry For The Long Hiatus

Sorry that I haven't posted since mid-March. I've been busy with finishing up high school and such.

Here are a few more updates:
  • I bought, and am addicted to, Minecraft.
  • I rented a Minecraft server for me and my friends.
  • I'll be graduating from high school on Monday.
  • I ate hibachi grilled food at an Asian restaurant for the first time with Becca, her family, and two of our friends to celebrate her birthday. It was amazing! The chef we had was a pretty funny guy.
That's pretty much some of the things that have happened when I was gone. I'm most likely going to start posting daily again. Some days may include a second post with screenshots of things that my friends and I have made in Minecraft.

1 comment:

  1. welcome back man, minecraft is pro, you can play it for months if you get hooked =3