Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Day In School

School wasn't too bad today. As usual, I had fun in Psychology and Creative writing, and what made the day even better was that my Pre Calc teacher wasn't there today. And the worksheets she left us were really easy. My friend and I finished them in less than 10 minutes. Then we headed down to the room of our Web Design teacher and just chilled in there for the rest of the day, since he and I have early dismissal after Pre Calc.

On a less optimistic side, there's supposed to be a meeting tomorrow about whether or not the district is going to cancel our February vacation. I do know that I've missed about 12 days of school, but still. I was planning on seeing my girlfriend during the vacation since I only see her once a week. She lives in a nearby town. Oh well. I guess now my early dismissal will finally come in handy.

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