Monday, February 21, 2011

The Snow Returns

After a while of no snow, the snow decides to return. Fortunately, I have vacation, so it didn't really affect me. Also, the snow wasn't very effective as it usually was a few weeks ago. I only got about 1 to 3 inches here, so it wasn't too much.

My day today was also a lazy day. It was just a day spent laying in bed, as well as playing my Xbox. I predict that tomorrow will be the same way. Most of my plans for this week are going to happen on Wednesday and beyond. Maybe I should record some game footage tomorrow with the capture card I'm borrowing.


  1. Ahh we have no snow here in england!

  2. Eh we have snow again here too.. It's a shame it was so nice this past weekend. Following!

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  3. I saw some last night. it was super cold out. today its cold but a little better.